What I'm Thankful For Day 5: Opportunities and Choices

Yes I skipped a day! Not on purpose of course. Friday was a very busy day full of packing, cleaning, classes including a test and one final, and of course all the last minute running around before moving day.
As I reflect back onto my own life and as a reflect upon my future I am so thankful for all of the opportunities I've been granted. Opportunities to learn and grown, opportunities to fail and fall, opportunities to prove to myself that I can be who I want to be and explore but at the same time realize the consequences of my actions. Opportunities to love and laugh. Opportunities that end up with sighs of relief. Opportunities that teach me lessons about my own self and about the people around me. Opportunities to take it all for what it's worth or take nothing. Opportunities to cry and mourn. Opportunities that end with a happy smile. All of my opportunities in life have helped me understand so much and make me want to keep jumping into each opportunity that comes my way. So I am so thankful for the opportunities I've had and the opportunities that I am given every day of my life.
Life is too short to have regrets. So even if I think I "should" have done something, I'm not going to look back and regret it. Choices teach lessons and I am better off for learning something either way with making a choice rather than regretting the choice I made or didn't make. We are all given choices every day. Whether you make the correct choice or not....the answer will be revealed to you sometime in the future. Some choices are made with instinct, others with hesitance. Some choices are selfish and some selfless. Some choices seem right at the moment, but when you look back at them you wonder why you could not see the obvious you now know. Some choices are well thought out, others aren't given any thought at all. Some choices are made with the heart and others with the mind. Some choices are made with uneasiness and some are made with confidence. Choices present themselves every day and without having choices in life, I would not be who I am to this day. I would not grow or learn.
The CHOICE to take an OPPORTUNITY is one of the most important things I am thankful for to this day.

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