What I'm Thankful For Day 6: My Best Friends

Moving day is coming closer. I'm both excited, nervous, apprehensive, unsure, but ready for a new adventure. I've been working on my more "outgoing" skills as funny as that sounds, but I am hoping to give them a try to meet lots of new people and some new friends. I would love to have a circle of friends to hang out with in Red River and as I think about meeting new people and making new friends, I know that I will always still have my best friends that have gotten me through so much. Without Tanna and Shannon, I would not have gotten through several experiences as quickly as I have. :) I love them both so much and I am sad to be leaving them, but I know they are both excited for my new adventure. Plus they are off on their own little adventures as well! Thank goodness for cell phones and the internet to keep in touch!

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