What I'm Thankful For Day 8: Mountains and Today's Horoscope

So I know that these days of Thankfulness are totally random and spaced apart....but....I'm not going to quit on them until I've got 10! :)

So today I am thankful for the beautiful snow and tree covered mountains I can see out my window and for my horoscope of the day, haha. I'm not big on horoscopes by any means...but today I just had happened to have mine "calculated" or whatever and it totally fit my day so here it is:

"Try to avoid putting anything on the back burner today, Scorpio. You need to deal with your responsibilities as if they were staring you in the face, and if you somehow manage to keep dodging them, the problems will increase. There is good luck coming to you as well today, in that things you have to deal with are not nearly as difficult somehow. Also, there may be something like a meeting that needs to be attended today, and you should follow up on it. Something or someone could emerge from this group that will be a blessing."

And TADA! Doesn't it fit? I went job searching on Day 1 of my Red River Adventures and didn't put it off...I thought things weren't going well when I couldn't find anything and my Aunt Vicki makes a phone call and ta da! I have a job as soon as I arrive down at the Bull Pen. God is truly looking out for me. :) I don't know about the meeting thing..lol. But everything else fits.

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