What I'm Thankful for Day One: Puppy Dog Snores and Chocolate Bars

I've decided for my first posts on my new blog that I am going to do 10 days of what I am thankful for.
Day #1:
As I lay here on the couch watching Castle, eating a Heath Bar, and listening to Minnie snore as she lays on her back and stretches her little paws out, I can't help but smile. I realize that I really do love the little things in life. I have so much to be thankful for and I can't help but grin in bliss at the adventures of my life.
So today what I'm thankful for is Minnie's adorable snoring and the simple delight of a chocolate bar.
Of course there are several more important things I'm thankful for...but today I'm focusing on the little things. :)

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