What I'm Thankful For Day Two: Bitter Sweet Snow and Starbucks

The sensation of the cold snow falling and melting on my face as I walked from the parking lots to my classes this morning was bitter sweet. It's a gorgeous event to watch. The snow falling, pure as God's love. Not tainted, but a perfect white. Things like this get caught in my mind every day. God's natural beauty of the simplest things on Earth take my breath away and remind me of Him all the time. At this moment in time, the snow is reminding me of my move to Red River as well. I am more than excited for this opportunity in my life. I will miss my family and my friends, but my heart is longing for a beautiful change in my life. God is preparing me for this journey and He has great plans for me.
With this cold snow, I have found myself to be freezing. Today, Starbucks is helping me out with a Peppermint Mocha Latte. Yum! It's also keeping me awake to keep up with my homework and studying for finals in this last week of the semester. I am so excited to have this semester behind me and can't wait to move home for the holidays! :)

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