2010 Goals

2010 Goals

· Smile, dance, and laugh more often.

· Travel by myself.

· Sweat, or in other words, work out at least 5 days a week so I can look amazing in my goal bikini.

· Keep Calm and Carry On.

· Spend more time….on myself.

· Finish my Wedding and Event Planning Certificate.

· Work on my writing creations to take me a step closer to authoress.

· Re-define: me.

· Take more time to notice all the little things in life.

This year I've decided that my goals revolve around myself to improve my well being and to improve the way that I live my life. I have put my dreams and even myself on the back burner in the past. Not anymore. It is a bright, new year. Lookout World, I'm back! More confident and powerful than ever. I'm not hiding in a box....I'm going to scream, laugh, and dance on the highest surface I can find. You will know I am in the room, whether you want to or not.

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