LiVin' LiFE dAy bY DaY

After being here almost a month I realize that I actually love not planning out life. Before I was planning away my life not understanding what I was missing in living day by day. I was rushing time...dreading the moments I was in...waiting...waiting..and waiting...and for what? I really can't remember. If I was waiting for something good to happen I was missing the good all along! I've realized that the good things are in the little things that happen every day while I am living day by day. Not sighing over the past, not worrying about the future, but opening my eyes and seeing what was right there in front of me...time floating by and on that wave of time beautiful good moments. Granted, not every day is always a wonderful day...but through choices we can make it worthwhile. Some days are harder and more challenging than others....others rush by quickly in a dizzy haze. I don't think about what could go wrong tomorrow or what went wrong yesterday...which is a beautiful thing to say in itself. Life is too short to stress yourself out. So when I wake up in the morning....I do the things I have to do- working, homework or tests due that day, laundry, or other tedious things....but then I also take time to do what I want to do...-go out for a walk, listen to loud country music, spending time with friends, fun things that make life even more wonderful than it already is. Make time for those lazy moments to watch the beauty of life and don't let opportunities pass their way by. Embrace them and don't worry! God is always there to take care of you. He's watched out for me and blessed me on so many occasions I can only call Him miraculous. Live life...laugh uncondtionally........
And when you forget something and you want to stress out....."Keep Calm and Carry On"....go back and finish what you forgot but don't reflect on it. Live life day by day, still reaching for your goals but not planning your life away.

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