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I really miss making my own handmade products, especially candles, crosses, and the Pup Princess tutus. I am considering re-opening Minnie and Me within the next couple of months. First I will have to save up some money to purchase new candle supplies...which is never an inexpensive ordeal to go through with shipping costs on wax and all. I am also considering re-vamping the Minnie and Me "style" of pastels and girly features and bring in a bit of cowgirl and rock & roll. With this new style may come new products in the future as well, which is always fun. I guess I am asking my friends and family for their input on re-opening and the style make-over. :) Thoughts, opinions, please do tell below by commenting. Please be positive, as I am not too fond of those negative nobodies...or anonymous people....and I don't think my friends appreciate those individuals either...:)

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