School Has Begun.....

Today was the "first" day of college classes online through FHSU for me. I actually logged in last night and began the introductions and assignments to get a jump start on everything. I'm a little anxious about my classes and a little overwhelmed at some of the assignment lists but I know I will get through it..somehow. I am taking 12 credit hours:
-Abnormal Psychology
-Introduction to Philosophy
-Family Communication
-Modern World Civilization
As of this moment I am just taking college courses that interest me, my major is Undecided...again, as I have decided to see where life takes me but still keep active in my education. After this semester I will be able to substitute teach if I choose to do so. I welcome the opportunity to try something new.

I am also working on my Wedding and Event Planning Certificate from Sheffield School Online. This is a course that I really enjoy as I love the thought of having a job that I can be creative in and one that I can build up my own business. Plus weddings are a special time for couples and I'd love to help take some of the stress off of them so they can enjoy planning up to their wedding day.

So I am enrolled in two schools and crossing my fingers that I can have my Wedding and Event Planning certificate by this summer and be a Junior in college!

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