Second Chances

These last three weeks here in Red River have been amazing for me. I feel like "life" has been breathed back into my soul. I feel as if I am a new person, a better person. I have a job, that tomorrow I will have had for three weeks now. I have a new sense of self. I have new goals, new aspirations, new beliefs in myself. Change has come over me and I can truthfully say I have never felt happier. I have laughed, smiled, thoroughly enjoyed little moments. And I know I will continue to do so.
Even things such as my style, the way I want to represent myself, the way I want to express myself....they are changing. I am taking every moment in my life and trying to make the best I can of it. I do still worry way too much about little things, a habit that is not quick to break. But with practice, with motivation, I know I can do it. Because I know that I can do anything. I don't know if I've ever put so much of my own focus on myself, which is a sad thing to say, and it's not in a conceited way. I simply want to concentrate on myself. Figure out what is best for me and figure out what I want. What do I want in life? I want to be happy. I am never going to compromise my happiness. Without happiness, life is empty.
Live life fully, love unconditionally, laugh every day, and is what you make of it----life is wonderful, not miserable, unless you decide to make it that way. I've decided not to.
So for any of you wondering if I'm doing alright....can you really read this post and say I'm not? I don't think so.

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