I don't know how many times people are asked this question, "If you could change anything about your past would you?"
My answer: No.
I do not live with regrets. For worrying and thinking about the past in terms of regretting makes life not as enjoyable, it makes people begrudging when they hang on to something that they can't change, even if it was a curve ball. Everything happens for a reason. God lives and He saves. I am not saying that I haven't done anything wrong in the past, God and I both know that I am far from perfect. Without mistakes, we cannot learn and I don't think we can grasp how precious life really is without those mistakes. So instead of focusing on the past.....you move on. Make your life what you want it to be, what God wants it to be. Regretting and holding onto a dying past is like wasting each breath you take today, in the present, in the true moments that count. I choose to enjoy life, holding onto the good things in life that God has given me. Moving on day by day....because really I think that is what we have to do. We have to move on from anything that happens a year before, a week before, a day before, an hour before. Life does not wait for you, it's passing you by whether you realize it or not. Thank God for the days you are given and live them well, for you and for Him, and not for anyone else.

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