New Chapter In My Life....

Well I haven't written in awhile to update my family and friends as of what is going on in my own little world. First off, I will say that I am very excited and happy about what is happening in my life. Happiness is the success in life, so I would say right now I am succeeding.
Last weekend my family came down to see me, which was very fun. Unfortunately I worked every day they were here since it was Mardi Gras in the Mountains, President's Day Weekend, and Valentine's Day all rolled into one. So it was quite busy.....alright it was insanely busy. I had to waitress two of the most busy days all by myself and wanted to fall over by the end of the night. My sister and I went to Taos one evening to watch "Dear John" in theaters. I cried, like usual at sad movies. It was a good movie though and we very much enjoyed being 2 of the 6 people in the huge theater on a Friday night.
So here is the BIG news....only a few know about. I am moving back to Kansas at the end of this month to start a new chapter in my life, one that I am very excited to begin. I don't plan on being in Healy long, but I will be back in the state. I'm just living life day by day, so I'm not quite sure where I will end up, but I know that it won't be Healy. I love how life takes you in so many different directions and offers you choices to take or not. I'm taking up a new, exciting choice and following that direction.
Red River has been great for the little while that I had planned on staying here, as we all knew it was not to last long. But instead it was a short adventure which I have enjoyed very much. And now I am ready for my newest adventure, to embrace what God is giving me at this moment. What an amazing God we serve. He has sure taken care of me by providing me with happiness and He only continues to do so. I am so blessed. :)

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