....Here goes my monthly update....

I know it's be forever since I have last updated everyone, but in all honesty I haven't been online very often for the last couple weeks. I've been preoccupied with life. :)
First off, classes are about halfway over for the semester! Thank goodness! I am so excited to be done with my sophomore year of college and to get the classes I have this semester over with. Shannon and I are trying to start up a study night each week so the homework doesn't seem as insane as it is right now. Online classes are harder then they sound, it takes a lot of self discipline. I am passing them all though, so that is something I am happy with. After this semester I will have enough hours to be able to substitute teach, something I am both excited and nervous about, but really want to try.
Second of all, Heather finished up her Healy's Next Top Model and it was amazing! She did such a fantastic job with all of the girls. The photos were simply stunning, the runway show was awesome, and I am SO very proud of my sister. Showing her dreams, learning that she has other dreams, and giving all of these younger girls new dreams. She's an incredible woman who I know will make her mark on he world and I am more than happy to call her my sister.
Then....I am back in Healy for the time being. Plans are a bit undecided at the moment but I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life.
The weekend after I moved back to Healy, Justin and I went to Topeka to visit Matt, Tanna, Jaelyn, and Finlee AND to celebrate Finlee's 1st birthday! It's amazing how fast those little girls are growing up. They are too adorable.
Now, I am fast and furious trying to get all of my homework finished up before Spring Break as I will be traveling to San Antonio with Justin and his family. :) Something I am very very excited about.
So there is my....well, let's see, monthly update since I last posted!
:) - Shelbey

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