Declared My Major!

I am so excited for summer to get here to have a break from homework, tests, books required to read, essays, and all of that wonderful stuff. Although, I have decided my major and must get used to the idea of having all of this for at least the next 5 years. I have declared myself a Psychology Major with the complete intention of getting my Master's Degree right after I receive my Bachelor's. Hopefully, I will be able to complete all of this online. It is going to be a lot of work, but totally worth it in the end. I've always loved all of my Psychology classes, I just dreaded the thought of having to go through more schooling to receive my Master's to be able to do anything with a Psychology degree. Well.....after much thought on the subject, I decided that it was the degree I was most interested in and in the end would probably enjoy my line of work much more in the end than anything else. That in itself was a BIG factor in making my decision. I'd rather love what I do and go through a little extra schooling. I'm really interesting in School Counseling, so maybe that is what I will be doing in the end of this College adventure!

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