It's the Simple Things

I've always loved the simple things in life. Those things that money cannot buy you, but makes you smile with a brighter happiness than...well any pair of amazing shoes I've ever had my eye on. And that is even a hard sentence to spit out, because there are some incredible shoes I'd love to get my hands on.

Lately, I've been able to slow down a lot in life and enjoy all the simple things. Sometimes I think our life gets so busy and hectic that we don't stop and enjoy the simple things. So I am more than grateful that I get this opportunity in my life to not have too many responsibilities so I can have a slow pace of life to soak up those simple, little moments in life.

Some of my favorite simple things are: watching clouds slowly move across the sky, watching the wind blow through the trees and create a moving art, enjoying the intensity of the sun on my skin, watching Minnie play outside with such energy and enthusiasm, really listening to the lyrics of some of my favorite songs, closing my eyes and simply dreaming about what I want in life, stopping and realizing how much I can actually miss and love someone, being able to sleep in, hearing a baby laugh, spending time with my family just sitting around and talking, enjoying the beauty of nature that God has given all of us, smiling suddenly just by thinking about someone or something that has already happened, being able to stop and pray............

Those are just a few of the simple things I enjoy as the simple moments and things in life have always been my favorite. It doesn't matter how much you make, what you can buy, how much is in your bank account, or anything money related. What really matters in life to me is happiness. Being able to smile, laugh, and really experience bliss. The simple things are my happiness and I will continue to enjoy them in my life. I hope that my life never becomes so hectic that I can't slow down and enjoy them. I think I will actually make it a priority to enjoy the simple moments rather than become tangled up in the complications of a busy, insanely quick-paced life.

God Bless and enjoy the simple moments!

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