I realize in life, sometimes you have your moments when you feel like you have no motivation or things to look foward to in your day besides wishing for the weekend. I happen to feel this way...a lot. I work tediously through my homework, not doing anything else, hoping that the weekend could be just a few days closer so I can spend them with Justin.

And here the week of my Finals, I decided instead of just working tediously on my two last term papers and my last test that I would work on them while I was in Topeka with my best friend, Tanna, and her beautiful little family. I've only been here since Friday afternoon/evening, and I've enjoyed myself so much! You forget what it is like to have a best friend so close to you that you can spend every day with them. That is one of the things I miss the absolute most about living in Topeka. I was able to spend so much time with Tanna when I lived here. I miss having that close in distance friendship. Tanna and I understand each other on so many levels that we always have a good time. I know that this time we will have together will be short and that makes me sad.

Yesterday we were busy shopping. I do believe I wore Tanna out. We went to the Farmer's market in the morning and on to the mall afterwards. I then took Tanna out to one of our favorite restaurants, Olive Garden. It was yummy! :) Then we did even MORE shopping! Plato's Closet, TJ Maxx, Famous Footwear, Kohl's, back to the Mall, then to Hobby Lobby. After all of that we decided to go get paint at Lowe's to paint a few walls in Tanna and Matt's new home. So last night we painted a wall in Tanna and Matt's bedroom, washed everything up, and decided to get a quick bite to eat at Chipotle. Another yummy treat in Topeka.
Today, I am sitting here in the Church's coffee shop while Tanna is helping making up delicious coffee treats for church members before church service begins. We will then go to church, have lunch, and then paint the kitchen. Another busy, fun day with my best friend!
So I guess in all of this, I've realized that friends can make all the difference. You feel like such a different person when you get to spend the days with your friends, doing what you would normally do in the day, but actually having more motivation too. I'm more motivated to do the things I need to. You have to surround yourself with friends to be able to thoroughly enjoy your days and not have the feeling where you want to rush to the weekend. I love my best friends and I am sad to see that time is going to rush by when I am with Tanna.

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