Heather's Graduation

My little sister graduated high school yesterday. Her goal was to make everyone in her row cry with her thank you's in her salutatorian speech. I told myself I wasn't going to cry. I told myself that I wasn't sad about her graduating because I am too happy for her bright future. However, I broke down. I cried. When I see my sister get emotional, I get emotional. When she gives me a very honest, sweet, thank you, there is no way that I can stop the tears from running down my face. When she thanks my parents with the sweetest words, I cannot help but cry some more. She succeeded in making me cry, when I was determined to not shed a tear.

My sister and I have so many memories together. We were each other's best friends growing up playing barbies and "house". We'd wake up early to set up our barbies and play ALL DAY only breaking to eat, then go to bed only to wake up and start that cycle over again. We haven't always gotten along. We began to grow away from each other once I hit high school. We are different people, with different personalities. Being two teenage girls that are opposite of each other in the same house, in the same small school, in the same sports...well it all gets to be very tense. She didn't always agree with what I did and I didn't always agree with what she did either. But, I think that even though we grew apart from each other for those few years, it actually, eventually brought us closer together.

Today, I can say that my sister is one of my best friends and I am so, very proud of the woman she is becoming. She's amazing and has overly amazing dreams that I support fully. She's my little sister, she's my only sister, she is God's gift to me as a sibling and I love her.

Like she said to me yesterday in her thank you to me, I am not the same girl I was in high school. And she isn't either, even though high school only ended yesterday. She's grown since Freshman year, just as I've grown from Senior year. I only expect to see her become more amazing over the years. And I know I use the word amazing a lot when describing my sister, but she is. I can't help but use that word.

So to my sister, I love you! I can't believe you are about to embark on a new, incredible adventure and I support you all the way. You are amazing! :)

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