This weekend we are taking Heather to Denver and leaving her there. Leaving her so she can start her brand new, beautiful life. I am so excited for the goals that she has that she is reaching for. Too often these days, I see people who don't have goals in their life. They have nothing to strive for, instead they just waste their days away. Heather makes me want to go after my goals and dreams just by watching her go after hers. So we will pack up all her stuff and drive to Denver. I can't wait to see her apartment, I just wish I could also meet her roomate. One day soon, hopefully.

As far as the wedding is concerned, we are actually close to having the things we need and want at the wedding checked off the list. It's so low stress. We even found that registering last weekend in Wichita was more stressful than actually planning the wedding! I can't wait to embrace and enjoy our wedding day. It's simple, casual, and just a time to enjoy our close family and close friends celebrating our marriage. Justin and I are even making the wedding cake, something I am looking forward to, but many think is a crazy idea. However, I think we how low key everything is, making our wedding cake will only be one more fun memory to add to the collection.

Another cool thing is that I added a tracker on my blog. Now I can actually view when people come to my blog and where they are from. Surprisingly, I actually have a lot of activity on this blog! Well, more than I thought I did. I have people checking my blog from early in the morning to late in the evening, I even saw that there was one logged in at 3:00 a.m. in the morning! There have been individuals from Scott City, Oakley, Wichita, Liberal, Topeka, and even people out of state! I've had a Minnesota and a Texas. I am so happy to see that there are people out there who are interested in seeing what is going on in my life! I love knowing that I can share my happiness.

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