Why I Blog.

Some days when I blog, I wonder who actually reads what I write? But then I log onto Facebook or go down to the grocery store or Healy Oil and have people say how much they love my blog and it makes me realize that what really matters about my blog is that I am sharing my happiness in life. I am sharing my success and my joys with anyone and everyone who cares to go to my blog site. And if they care to go to my blog site, there must be motive behind putting in my blog address, to see what I am up to.

I think it's important for me to share the happiness that I have in my life. I love to be able to tell people through my words the pure bliss I am experiencing in my own life. And not only do I like to share my happiness, I love reading other blogs. My best friend's blog is my favorite to visit. I love seeing the pictures of her girls and reading her thoughts. I also follow several other blogs for new craft ideas, for recipes, for entertainment, and to be happy for someone else's happiness, even if I have never met them. I love to embrace happiness, whether it be my own or someone else's. Happiness is what makes success. Without it, try being truly successful. You will realize that success without happiness is empty.

So onto the next happy thing going on in my life, packing up to go spend a weekend with my fiance. :) And to possibly visit a couple other blogs to share in their new joys.

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