I love Fridays!

Today is Friday and I am so happy that it is. I have fallen in love with Fridays for the single fact that Friday late afternoon/evening is the beginning of the weekend, which means I get to spend all of my time with Justin. I get so excited to see him and just be with him.

Tomorrow will be a week from the day that we are getting married, so this weekend will be filled with getting everything ready for our happy day and getting all of my stuff ready to move to Haviland. I cannot wait to live in Haviland with Justin. I love the people there and the town itself. I am so excited to start Justin and I's life. I know we only have amazing things ahead of us.

This next week is going to be super, insanely busy. Justin and I are making our own wedding cake. So I am going to be preparing for that early in the week to make it easier when I ask for Justin's help or opinion at the end of the week. I don't know many weddings I've heard of that the bride and groom have made their own wedding cake! That's how low key our wedding is, we feel that we can easily do that. :) We are also making our creamcheese mints for the wedding this weekend. I can't wait to make another cake, although this will be my first wedding cake, I have done a couple of birthday fondant cakes before. I have never attempted a three tier or even a two tier cake, so this could be very interesting. Although, I have a feeling that is also going to be a lot of fun, and fun is the key word of a lot of things I am looking forward at Justin and I's wedding.

We are going for low key and casual. We want people to enjoy and have fun on our special day. Justin and I's relationship is so special and I think a key part of that is that we know how to have fun with each other. I don't exactly enjoy formal or pressures to have a perfect wedding. However, I know our wedding will be perfect for the simple fact that it's how we want it. Casual, comfortable, fun, simple, and a day full of love and laughter.

The next time I blog I will be Mrs. Justin Kendall. :) And I am so excited and happy to say that.

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