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I am loving and enjoying married life so much, but I think a lot of that has to do with how amazingly wonderful my husband is. He treats me like the queen of the house. He says "I love you" several times a day. He makes me laugh and smile even when I am feeling a bit stressed with the mess our house has been in for this last past week and a half. He helps in the kitchen. He takes initiative to start and finish house projects we need to get done. He does so much and  he just makes me me. He loves me for who I am, nothing more and nothing less. I really could not ask for more in a husband than what God has given me in Justin. I am so thankful and blessed.

Our house is finally starting to look like a home. We've still got lots of projects ahead in the future, but those will come in time. I even have a craft/homework room! I am very excited about it and spend a lot of time in that room. (this room actually, as I am in it right now!) I can't wait to get more craft projects started and to make up several crosses for my etsy shop and to sell locally.

I've also really been enjoying cooking and baking. We have NOT been starving around here. We eat a big meal every night. We also went over to a friend's house for supper Tuesday night and had so much fun. Shari made an amazing chicken dinner that we have to get the recipe for and we brought the dessert. Tuesday afternoon I spent my time in the kitchen preparing a chocolate mint layered cake to take over. It was delicious as well! I'm not sure what my favorite part was...the chocolate cake, the mint layer, or the amazing chocolate frosting! I am really enjoying baking from scratch rather than cake mixes. :) And I don't think Justin minds me liking to cook and bake either!

Our dogs...or may I call them "our circus", is starting to be a more balanced act. Minnie is getting used to Lucky and Maddie. Sometimes it is craziness around here as they are all so very different, not only in size, but in personality as well. Maddie is the queen of the three who has a bit of an attitude. She still won't listen to me. She likes to do things at her own pace in her own time. She is quite the character. Lucky has so much energy that he could always be on the go. He actually listens to me, but intimidates Minnie. He's just a big dog full of puppy love....not to mention he has a tail that feels like a piece of wood if you get hit by it. Thank goodness Minnie is shorter than his tail! At the beginning Minnie clung closer to Maddie, but lately she's been hanging out with both of them. Lucky scared her, but now she starts to play with him. When I say start, that's all it really is. She'll jump and paw at him, but then when he goes after her she isn't sure what is going on. They'll get the hang of it eventually. She's at least back to her happy go lucky self around the house. They all like to follow me around during the day when they are inside. It's like having a little fan club...a hairy little fan club. Justin and I really enjoy them all though. There really isn't a dull moment around here with all of them here competing for your attention.

Walks are one of my favorite things that we try to do several times a week. The dogs love it, we love it, the mosquitoes love it, so it's good all around! Being allergic to mosquitoes you would think that I would hate going outside and being ate up. I've only been bitten a couple of times, Justin keeps a pretty good look out for me so I don't have any major welting later on. :) It's just enjoyable to walk around Haviland with Justin and our dogs. Mom and dad also gave us two of the bikes they had in the shed in Healy. So those have been something nice to have around too. We haven't rode them too much yet, but we plan too.

I also went and tried out yoga yesterday. Today I am very sore, but I loved it so much! The women that I am beginning to hang out with around here have been amazing to me. Last Friday they invited me to go swimming in Greensburg with them, which was a blast, and then Molly invited me to go to her yoga session that she does up at the college. She's a great teacher and I think I did fairly well for my first time. I am excited to learn more and get better at it. The women here are just wonderful and I can't wait to get to know them more and call them my friends. :)

Origins, the coffee place in town, (which is "O So Good!") is a place Justin and I like to go when we can. We went the other night and hung out with a lot of the young married couples in town. It was fun just sitting around enjoying each other's company. We are so blessed to have amazing young married couples to hang out with. But we are blessed in so many ways. God has really smiled down on us in finding each other, bringing us together as a married couple, giving us our families, our friends, hope, joy, and love. Love for each other and a love for Him.

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