Mr. & Mrs. Justin Kendall

We are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Justin Kendall! We've had a great couple of last days as a married couple. The day after our wedding we went to the Garden City Zoo and got in around Haviland at 5:00. We then began our deconstruction and construction of our kitchen. I do have to say after last evening and all day today our kitchen looks really good. We then went to Pratt to get a cart full of groceries to fill our newly cleaned and organized cabinents. We are having a lot of fun with everything in our married life and the last two days have went by so quickly already.

We had an amazing wedding. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a June wedding in Kansas. The weather was cool, no rain, all clouds (perfect for pictures!) and no mosquitos to flare up my allergic reactions. We had family and close friends show up and it was perfect. The ceremony was short and sweet, which we both loved and had many compliments on. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day or a more perfect husband.

Thank you to everyone who helped us on our gorgeous wedding day! It meant a lot to us.

-Mr. and Mrs. Justin Kendall

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