Our Beautiful Wedding Cake

Our Finished Masterpiece.

Our Colorful Cake Table

Bride & Groom aka: The Cake & Cream Cheese Mint Makers 

Cutting Our Cake. 

And eating it too!


A Wonderful Memory Made Together!

      Yes, we did make our own wedding cake! As crazy as that sounds, it was so much fun (and stressful) to put together ourselves. I didn't stress out much about the wedding, but when it came to the cake, I was stressed out that it would fall over or something horrible would happen to it. Stacking the tiers and moving it were things I didn't even want to watch. However, nothing happened! Except for, a beautiful cake came together. It was a white pound cake with buttercream frosting. Inside we put two layers on each tier, so there were 3 buttercream layers as well. I think it turned out so gorgeous and I could not have asked for a more wonderful wedding cake for our simple wedding. 
     We also made our cream cheese mints. Something that was not as stressful and was, instead, more fun. Justin molded all of them. I colored most of them and made up the batches. It was a lot of work, but we thoroughly enjoy spending time together doing anything, so we made it fun. I cannot wait to see what other kind of projects we come up with to work on together. :)

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