The Joys of Having a Home

Right now, our house is a complete disaster. Boxes, gifts, stuff to sort through, dogs are spread out everywhere. I am excited to have our home put together but sometimes I find I have a lack of motivation to begin cleaning. I want a clean, beautiful home. I want to make my husband proud and stress free when he comes home from work. But then I remember, we've only been married three weeks. Perfection or at least cleanliness and decorating will come in time. Right now what's important is that we are together. We have time to spend together. We get to enjoy our evenings, our meals, our mornings...together. And that means so much more than having a put together home at this moment. We're newlyweds. We should be able to just enjoy each other. So instead of stressing out about how our house looks, I am going to concentrate on how our home is. Justin is my home. So as long as we are happy and content, our home will always be perfect to me, mess and all. :)

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