Our Busy Lives

Justin and I seem to have a lot going on right now. We are trying to get our house put together, thank you's written, honeymoon plans perfected, a garage sale this weekend, his softball games in Pratt, and a few other things that seem to keep us on our feet. I'm also working on getting my Etsy shop, Minnie and Me, up and going again.

Our house is slowly starting to feel like a home. We're making baby steps in decorating. In the process of weeding out what stays and goes, we have accumulated quite the garage sale pile. We are having one over in Pratt this weekend with Amy, my sister-in-law. :)

Our honeymoon in Marathon, FL (Florida Keys!) is almost here! We fly out the 14th and fly back the 20th. I am so excited for our beach getaway together. It should be a lot of fun full of wonderful memories together. Neither of us have ever been to the Florida Keys either, so we are beyond anxious to get there.

Summer is going by sooooo quickly! I can't believe that we are already speedily going through July. August is going to be here too soon and I'll have to hit the books for my online classes.

Anyways! I just thought I would blog quickly, I've got to get to work around the house and on garage sale items. Hopefully I will have a more complete update soon. :)

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