Our Honeymoon

Our Honeymoon
In Key West at the Harbor

We had an amazing time on our honeymoon. We flew out on Wednesday, July 14th to Miami, FL. We picked up our rental car, checked into our hotel with an awesome king size bed, and proceeded to go out to eat. We quickly realized that Miami traffic can be defined as crazy or insane, or possibly crazily insane. 

The next morning we began to drive down to Marathon, FL. We were anxious to get there but loved the drive down. We went over several bridges and got to look over at the ocean and the Gulf. Speed limits down there vary between 45 and 55 mph. Which was great for us because we were able to enjoy our drive and soak in Florida. 

Driving to Marathon

Finally we arrived in Marathon!......2 hours before check in. So we decided to keep driving and go over the historic 7 mile bridge. 

On the right is the origial 7 mile bridge, and yes, it was pouring that day. 

Then we were able to check into our hotel, but did not stay there long as we wanted to walk on a beach!

At the beach.

Our days began to blur together as we decided to go on a bi-plane ride, drove down to Key West for the experience, went to the beach to soak up not much sun due to cloudy days, relaxed in the pool and hot tub at our hotel, tried our first Key Lime Pie, hiked a few nature trails, enjoyed the Tiki Bar at our pool (Great mozzarella sticks AND non-alcoholic pina coladas! Yummy!), visited the Turtle Hospital and fell in love with the sea turtles, and tried many local restaurants with fresh seafood (Not Justin due to his allergies.)

On a nature trail.

Key Lime Pie
Sea Turtle!
Adorable Baby Sea Turtles! Loved them!

Hiding behind a baby Palm Tree on a trail.
Walking down the original 7 miles bridge. (The 2 miles that is left together)
Our incredible bi-plane ride!
Kendall Drive in Kendall, FL
The AMAZING ocean!
Between Miami and South Beach.

At Sombrero Beach in Marathon.
So in Love! :)
Our honeymoon was such a wonderful time full of amazing memories made together. I am so glad that we were able to make such a great trip. I hope everyone loves the pictures!

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