To The Beach We Go!

Empty luggage waiting to be loaded, thank you cards ready to address and mail out scattered all around me, a house to tidy up before we can leave, bills to pay, and an Etsy order to ship out.......the busyness of our lives! I cannot believe that we will be leaving for the Wichita airport at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. And I really cannot believe that it has been a month since our wedding! This month has gone by so quickly, but when you are in love and you are so happy in life, time seems to go by so much quicker.

I could not have asked God for a more perfect husband to share life on earth with. Justin is all that I have prayed for and so much more. He completes me. God is so good!

We are headed off to Miami, FL first. We'll have a night in Miami and then rent a car and drive down to Marathon, FL. Where we will soak up lots of summer sun at our resort and the beach! We are so, very excited to be there! (Even though you wouldn't know it because we haven't packed yet!)

There will be no blogging until we are back from our honeymoon! :) I'll have some pictures when we are home.

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