I have a hard time believing that it is already August. The busyiness of life is soon to come, not that we are not already busy. Our life will just become a little more hectic. Today I am having to order textbooks. Textbooks! Where did the summer go? It seems not to long ago I was scrambling around trying to make sure I had everything done for my 12 hours last Spring semester.

Here it is..Fall 2010. Finally, I'm officially a Junior in college. I love being online for my schooling. It gives me a better sense of freedom and flexibility. The only hard part is motivation and procrastination. Those are the two words that seem to get me in trouble on everything in my life. My goal is to kick motivation and procrastination in the rear end. :) I want to be motivated and get everything I can possibly get done before due dates. Yes, I said before, not on the due date. 

This is really Justin and I's last week of freedom from school and volleyball. The Barclay College volleyball girls arrive here on Sunday and Justin will be busy with coaching practices and games. Not to mention how busy the Admissions office is bound to be. So I am really going to have to step up my game around the house because I have a feeling that my husband is going to be beyond busy. 

I'm working on getting all of my paperwork and information rounded up to be able to substitute teach at the surrounding schools. I think it is absolutely crazy that I can substitute teach. I feel so young to be able to do so, but I am very excited about it as well. It'll be a job that can form around my own school schedule and no weekends and holidays! Another BIG plus. 

Little Haviland, KS will be buzzing with college kids and people once school gets going and I am very excited for that too! I love this little town that I now call home. I love the people here. I love the community. I love the location. I love the size. I love the church. I love being near my husband's family. If I could have anything else to go along with everything I love about it here in Haviland, I would have my parents closer. 

Justin and I have been working around the house. Not as much as I would like to. The evil word, motivation, is the culprit in this as well! My goal this week is to at least get our house put together this week as far as cleaning, decluttering and organizing. We plan on painting the kitchen (one of the two rooms that actually has sheetrock!) sometime soon too. Hopefully within a year the house will look completely different if we are able to do the projects that we want to. We are also praying that a house we want will open up to buy. We'd love to have our very own home, rather than just rent. God will give us the perfect house opportunity in time.

In the meantime, being the crafy person that I am. I am working on small projects around the house. Here was one of the first projects and I love the way it turned out in our bedroom.

It just adds a little more to our room. As you may not be able to tell our walls are wallpapered over plaster walls, so that in itself is something we cannot really do anything about at this moment. I think the letters turned out wonderfully though!

There is more to come! I am working on a another project in our bedroom and cannot wait to get that completed as well.

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