I've realized that it has been awhile since I last blogged....but I do really have a good excuse. My husband and I are displaced.

What do I mean by that?

We had to move everything out of our living room and shove everything into the other rooms, pack up and move over to my in-laws, while our living room is being sheetrocked and textured. Yes, it's for real. Our house is being improved and we aren't doing the work! Which means, the living room (which is the biggest room of all) does not, let me emphasize....., it does not have to be scraped of it's dated wallpaper. Whoo hoo! It will be sheetrocked and textured by sometime next week and we will be able to move back in.....after we paint. Oh, I am SO excited to paint!

Also this last weekend my parents came to visit and the weekend flew by super quickly. Then today, my online classes are starting. I realized something today. I had been hoping classes would come sooner so I would have something to do. God decided to answer that request in a huge way. Not only are my 15 hours starting BUT I have a garage sale this weekend, my husband's volleyball team is playing in Oklahoma City on Saturday, our house is being made over, we will be painting the rooms that are ready and removing wallpaper and texturing the rooms that aren't prepared yet, planning on painting the outside of the house as well, while hoping to have some down time to relax. Whew! I think God may have laughed when I asked for something to do and decided that he would give me a full list. Well full it is!

I have been wanting to also try a couple of new recipes to show all of you, but I am out of my kitchen. We'll see, I may surprise you and try it out anyways!

So do not worry. I am still here, I am just busy and displaced. :)

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  1. Sorry you've been displaced, but glad that you're back! =)


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