Fabulous Flea Market Finds

Whoo hoo! I have found out that I love flea market finds! My friend Stephanie called me the other day and wanted to go out to the flea market that is about 5 miles outside of town. Of course I said yes and jumped into the car for our little treasure hunt adventure. I was on the hunt for some white vases for a project I have in my mind for the guest room. Well I found them!

With a little washing these will work perfectly for my project! At $0.50 a piece, it's hard to argue with what a great bargain these little guys were! $2.00 total!

I've also been looking for a lamp for our guest bedroom. I decided on the colors red, turquoise and white. Thankfully Justin said that he thought those colors would look great! Well I came across a lamp while sorting through all of the junk that will look amazing with a little TLC.

This little guy is going to be cleaned and painted an even brighter turquoise. I am trying to also find some red and turquoise fabric that I like to cover a lampshade with. I think this treasure will end up looking perfect in the guest bedroom. I was able to purchase this lamp for $4.00!

Then as Stephanie and I were looking through odds and ends, I came across this vase. For only $1.00! $1.00 can buy a candy bar or this red vase gem. What do you think I decided would be best?

I haven't decided whether I am going to leave it the way it is or whether I am going to get creative and paint it. I'll probably end up painting it.  Maybe a dark chocolate brown or an earthy green which will look amazing in either our bedroom or our living room.

All together for $7.00 I was thoroughly pleased with my treasures. I can't wait until I fix them all up so I can show you the ending results. Yay for Flea Market Finds!

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