My First Wreath Project

I had been wanting to try to put a wreath together. I found out, it's not so hard! I don't know why I procrastinated on it for so long. My last Hobby Lobby trip I purchased the wreath, florals and ribbon that I thought would look good together. I am still not sure if I am in love with this wreath, but I think it turned out great for my first wreath attempt. The best part was...I spent around $15.00!

See what you think.....

I had the "K" in my craft supplies stash. I think it added a bit more to it. I love the colors that I picked out but I am really into green and brown right now. I'm not sure if it will stay in this exact spot in the house either. It was a bare wall that needed something so I just hung it there to test it out. I tried to stay away from artificial flowers. Something I have learned in my first (almost) two months of marriage is that my husband isn't a big fan of artificial flowers, so I tried to find some other floral elements that he might like.

For now, I am proud of my first wreath attempt. However, we'll see if I change it up in the future.

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