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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1...Summer Go Away!
Don't get me wrong. I do love the beginning. But I am ready for golden leaves, crisp, cool mornings, wearing jeans and a comfy sweater, drinking hot tea while sitting on the porch enjoying a brisk evening, cuddling up with a good book wrapped in a soft blanket and possibly breaking out the firewood to put in the wood burning stove. Oh Autumn! How I adore you! 

2...Home Improvements 
I just cannot help it. I want to improve our rental house so much, but know that I cannot do it all since it is not our house. HGTV gave me the perfect term for how I feel about our house and all the wood that is inside of it. It's "heavy". Yes, yes it is! Too much wood in a house makes the house feel so heavy. We have tons of kitchen cabinets, thick trim throughout the house, huge wooden closets in each of the three bedrooms, a wooden beam on the ceiling of the living room....and it is all probably my least favorite color of wood. I can't do anything about it. To me....that just really stinks. So instead, I have to focus on doing what I can and praying really really hard that one of the houses we wouldn't mind owning will come open. Then, I'll be able to do what I want long as my husband grants me permission. 

3...Christian Music Fills My Heart with Joy
I sometimes go through different music stages where I listen to a lot of the Top 40, tons of Country or have the radio station, my I-pod, my blog music, anything musically inclined tuned into Christian music. That is how I have been for the last few weeks and I LOVE it. The message through the words gives me hope, joy, love and happiness. It makes me smile even when I feel like I am getting nothing accomplished. There are too many wonderful contemporary Christian songs to not keep tuned in. Try it!   


  1. Yes... bring on fall already! :)

    Love HGTV!

    I often listen to Christian music... it is SO inspiring and uplifting! Love it!

  2. I love autumn! It's the best season of the year in my opinion! We had a taste of cooler weather last week and now it's back into the 90's!

    I can also relate to wanting to improve our place. It's not going to happen, but I still think about it.

    and I only listen to Christian music...for me it's like I get full of the good stuff and I have no need to venture anywhere else. I appreciate the reminders in it to recognize the greatness of the God I serve, to be thankful, and so much more. =)


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