Plato's Closet

I love Plato's Closet. The last time that I had been in one was in Topeka at least a year ago. Last time we were in Wichita, my husband and I realized there is one in Wichita as well. I was so excited! I went through some clothes in my closet, folded them, put them in a laundry basket and put them in the trunk to haul off to Plato's Closet.

The concept of Plato's Closet is really awesome. Name brand, stylish, used clothing that you can purchase for a small percentage of what it would cost in the malls. You can bring in your used clothing, they will sort through them, keep what they think will sell and pay you cash for them. They pay you 1/3 of the price that they are going to sell the items for.

It's an eco-friendly AND affordable alternative to buying brand new clothing. Reduce the amount of clothing you do not wear anymore in your closet, Recycle them to Plato's Closet for others to have and Reuse by purchasing other's gently used clothing from Plato's Closet. I love it!

When I went in yesterday they did not take all of my clothes but did take a good amount. I was happy to take the cash. I then turned around and bought a new pair of Hydraulic jeans that are "Oh so comfy!" and they were only $12.00! I made money on that trip to that store. :) How awesome is that?!

Go to their website and find a Plato's Closet near you.

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