Super Simple Pasta Salad

I absolutely LOVE Pasta Salad. I used to be addicted to buying the pasta salad boxes when I went to the grocery store. Since getting married and crunching the budget a lot more on groceries I've learned that it is super, super easy to make your own pasta salad without the box! Who knew?! Actually, probably a LOT of people. :)

There are two pasta salads that I love to make.

The first one is the one I make when we have barbecues with our friends at our home. It is very popular among all our friends and I get so many compliments on this simple throw together pasta salad.

Tri-color Rotini Pasta Noodles
Your favorite Italian Dressing

As far as amounts, I am a lover of guessing :)
If I am making it for myself I just throw in as many noodles as I need for two meals and usually use half a cucumber and a tomato. The amount of dressing just depends on how much you like on your pasta salad. Some people don't care for much and others love the dressing.

All you do is cook the noodles then rinse them in cold water. Cut up the cucumber and tomato is small chunks. Mix together. Pour dressing over the mixture. Stir well and serve.

This pasta does well if you have leftovers. It refrigerates easily and makes for a great lunch the next day!

The second pasta salad is another favorite of mine but does not refrigerate as well. I would recommend only making what you need for that day and making it when you are going to eat it, not beforehand.

Small Pasta Shells
Mayo or Miracle Whip (your preference, I use Mayo)
Bacon Bits
Tomato if desired

Cook the shells until they are done. Rinse them in cold water. Add the mayo or miracle whip (amount depends on how much you like) and stir it together. Add in the bacon bits and the tomato. Mix well and serve.

These are so simple and affordable to make as well. My husband doesn't like pasta salad, so when I am craving it these recipes work well for me.


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