The Wallpaper Nightmare

Our home is a house full of wallpaper. Can I get a big "ICK"? I believe wallpaper has it's place, but not on the walls of our home. My sister-in-law and her husband bought a new house and had wallpaper that they had to remove. I went over and worked for them one day scraping 4 layers of wallpaper off their new dining room walls. was scary. Ugly florals under yellow and white stripes...........nothing else needs to be said. I was inspired by scraping the wallpaper and came home to my husband only to inform him that I think we could scrape all the wallpaper off our walls. Our living room and three bedrooms all have wallpaper, which I am beginning to detest. I want to paint and put color up on the walls. I've been itching for projects the two months we've been married and within a week I found out that I have quite a few projects I am going to take on! Go me!

#1 Get this nasty wallpaper off the walls!

We are beginning in the guest room.....

He's a trooper!
The 3 layers of ugliness...
O..lovely plaster.

Our guest room was the "safest" room to begin in. First of all, we don't use it very often right now. Second, with plaster walls underneath all of this wallpaper, we wanted to make sure they were in good shape. Luckily, there isn't any major flaws that a little mud cannot fix!

I am so excited to get this room down to the plaster and mud all the spots that need it. We are then going to hopefully have my dad come down and bring his texture gun and help us out. I don't know how to run one, but I am sure willingly to learn. Then (angels are singing "Hallelujah!")...paint! Our guest room has a bold color scheme. Red, Turquoise and White. LOVE it!

Here is the bed right now amidst the torn up room so you can get the color idea in your head.....

Not the best picture right now...but I have lots of fun ideas for this room with this color scheme! I am so thrilled!!!! We are still trying to decide the paint color choice in this room. We will do two walls a beige color for a neutral, but two of the walls will either be red or turquoise. Decisions...decisions....

And the rest of the projects will come in later blog posts......but I will give you a few hints....
-spray paint
-mod podge

Trust's going to be a blast! So don't miss out on these adventures!

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