The "Easy" Way to Remove Wallpaper

So my husband and I had spent hours scraping the wallpaper off our guest room was getting to be a tough chore. Then last night, I announce supper is ready, he sprays down a wall really good (soaks it!) and comes to the kitchen to eat. He goes back afterwards and the wallpaper is literally falling off....ok, we wish literally. But it is SO soft that he barely had to scrape and 3 layers come off like they are loudly surrendering!

The secret ingredients found at Walmart.
This is all you need. Some fabric softener (which I am a BIG fan for the laundry anyways), a scraper blade and a water bottle filled with hot water and a little of the fabric softener.

If you are having any problems removing wallpaper, try this. If there are layers, you will most likely have to scrape off the outer layer first to get to the old stuff underneath. Soak the top layer first. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. After scraping the top layer, make sure your water bottle is full and completely soak the layers underneath. Then, leave the room. (We took our dog's on a walk and went to the local coffee shop.) Then go back to the room and begin to scrape. It should easily peel off once you get going. This makes the job much easier and actually kind of rewarding. You feel you are really accomplishing the room at a quicker rate. Just think how beautiful the room will look once you get that wallpaper off and can texture and paint!

We have all the walls in our guest room scraped. We are now mudding the holes and cracks in the plaster...and I don't even want to mention that there is wallpaper on the CEILING! Yes, the ceiling! So we will be working on that before my parents get here this weekend to help out.

*Another Tip*
We cut up plastic trash sacks and spread them out on the floor underneath the walls. Not only does it keep your floor from getting drenched with dripping water but it makes the clean-up go a lot smoother.

In other news......
My sister-in-law, husband and kids all moved into a new house. (Lots of potential that I am so excited to see what they do with!) The previous owners left a dining room table and 4 chairs there. She said we could have them since they already have a dining room set.

But HERE is the best part!

It's a bit of a fixer-upper! Nothing like free stuff to re-do! The tabletop is gorgeous. The chairs and table legs...not so much. The chairs and legs look like they were painted white at one time but now have a dripping yellow (yes, it looks like it drips) on them. And it's glossy too. The seats are a white and yellow striped fabric that is stained. The fabric is not really my style and neither is the dripping yellow. So I will be sanding down the chairs and the table legs and repainting them. What...I am not sure yet. I may go with a classic white because I am not sure about doing a color....suggestions???? I will also be attempting my first project of reupholstering! AHHHH! I'm SO excited about it! I'm thinking a green fabric. I just love green. :)

*Please ignore the carpet in the kitchen....I am aware that it is hideous :)*

I am pumped to begin this project and I cannot wait to show you all the end results!

I have one more picture to leave you with of our dog, Minnie. She's a Lhasa Apso and entertains us daily. Usually she puts her paws up on the table that is at the window (for the moment) so she can see out. This is how I found her yesterday.....


  1. Thank you for that tip about the wall paper removal...I am thinking that eventually I'll need to remove the ripped up, falling down paper in my daughter's room. Unfortunately it's on peg board. =) whoever put the walls up over the cement blocks in her dorm room was really using whatever they could find. =) I'm trying to decide what to put back up...I think I've seen a thicker paper that you can paint...we shall see. =)

  2. No problem! We're learning and I thought I'd share the tips on how we've found is the easiest.

    We were in Walmart the other day and I did see a paintable wallpaper. It is white and looks textured and you can paint over it. Maybe that would work for your daughter's room?


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