Fabulous Finds

Sometimes I feel like I just should purchase something *just for me*.

Whether it is buying myself a prize for completing a project, doing well on a test or essay, getting up and actually exercising, or just because....sometimes a "prize" just feels like the right thing. 
I've never actually purchased myself anything from Etsy since getting married, but if I were to purchase something....these fabulous finds would be at the top of my list.

I really absolutely love this hat from Piper and Paisley.
 These rings made by Mixed Metals are amazing and are my favorite colors!
 These reusable grocery bags from Once Again would be functional and gorgeous!
 I love the colors of this scarf from Cricket's Creations. Not to mention how comfy and warm it looks!
 This dipping dish from Hope Johnson Ceramics is darling!
 These hair pins from Hot Pink Chick would look amazing in any hairdo!
What fabulous finds have you found on Etsy recently?

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