How to Get Motivated

I am, yet again, facing my enemy of procrastination today.

How are those piles of laundry going to be washed, dried, and folded? Not to mention put away?
How are the various piles of messes in the house going to be organized and put into their proper place?
How are the dishes in the sink going to get washed?
How is the homework going to get finished by the due date?
How are the carpets going to get vacuumed and the pretties on the shelf dusted?
How is the toilet going to get cleaned?
How is supper going to be cooked?
How is the bed going to get made?
How is the trash going to be taken out?
How am I going to get back into shape?
How is the refrigerator going to be cleaned out?
How are the dogs going to be walked?
Yes, this is what I am facing today.
Motivation has left me. I must find it again. 

I have to come to terms with these problems a lot. Cleaning isn't the most fun thing to be participating in at any time during the week. But, I know it must be done. 

I like a clean house.
Who doesn't?

So how do I get motivated?

Yes, music really does help me. I am able to accomplish much more if there is music streaming throughout the house than if it is completely quite. 

2.....A Chore Calendar
It's true. I have one. It's hanging on my fridge. The things that are most important. Laundry, vacuuming and dusting and cleaning the bathroom are on designated days. It's like I have a deadline. 

3.....A Timer
Do you remember when you were a child and mom would set a timer for 20 minutes and your room had to be spotless? Maybe that was just my sister and I. There are some chores that are just so boring. So instead of procrastinating them, I set a timer giving me "X" amount of time and get that tedious chore done with. 

And if all else fails.....
About an hour before my husband gets home it is amazing what you can get accomplished if you want to make him think you've actually done something during the day. ( I know he will read this and it makes this even that much more funny.)

What tips do you have to find the motivation to beat procrastination?

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  1. Haha.....I wish OCD would take over for me. :)

    I think the most successful of them all is the husband intervention, lol. I want to have stuff done for him and when procrastination has been at play all day, knowing he is coming home soon, really puts my cleaning senses into gear.

    I agree with you, I always find it fun to find out who makes the items in my favorite shops on Etsy. :)


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