Living Room Reveal

So I know that you have been waiting for the living room reveal as I said I would post up new pictures as soon as my camera battery was charged. Well I couldn't find the charger. 
I tore an already disastrous room apart!
The results = no charger.
Then I decided to look in the drawer it was suppose to be in, but you know, things are never where they are suppose to be.
However, there it sat.
So after much delay (big apolgies!)
Here it is....


If you notice...we have new lighting fixtures too. Whoo hoo! Plus where the little brown table is we are trying to find an old desk that I can paint white to put our computer there.
I really LOVE our bookcase now. It works perfectly in this spot and I love decorating it.
This is where there will be a white window seat! I am super excited to have one beside the wood burning stove. It's going to be so comfy and warm over there this winter.
There are big plans for a photo display here. Totally perfect for this wall.
Awww Roses! We have roses in our front yard that are still blooming so I just had to pick them. Gorgeous!
Pillow covers I need to purchase inserts for. Brown, green, and blue are the "theme colors" for our living room.

I still have a lot of decorating left to do, but I absolutely love the paint job and it has so much more potential now to be a gorgeous living room for my husband and I. I am excited to just have small projects to work on in this room. Things I can do all. by. myself. :)

My free photobooks came in last week. Aren't they gorgeous?

And here is little Minnie. Hiding behind the stove. Such a cutie. 

Well I hope it was worth the wait! When I have more decorated I will be a little more prompt to post pictures. We have to order blinds for our windows, I am going to attempt to make curtains, I have a window seat cushion to make, shelves for books around the window seat, a photo display for the blank wall and I'll probably manage to sneak a few extra projects in there.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful transformation. You did a great job. I love it! Mary O

  2. Thank you! I can't wait to keep adding to it...there is always another project. :)


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