My Husband: The Coach

Volleyball season seems to eat up a lot of the time that my husband and I could be spending together. He has weekend volleyball trips and practices at night. When he gets home around 6-6:30, we eat supper, and then our evening is already gone. He is exhausted from work and volleyball and really, who could blame him?

We started several projects in our house before volleyball started to get into full swing. Our guest room still has wallpaper scraped walls and it is packed full of stuff from the living room. Today, I have to scrape the wallpaper off the ceiling (ick!) and clean out the room, because my parents are coming. Today. And my dad is suppose to be texturing that room so I can paint it. Yes, I am putting it off until last minute. Who likes to scrape wallpaper? Especially off ceilings?

But that isn't the point of this blog post. :)

My husband is usually exhausted and sleep deprived. I feel like I don't do enough around the house to help him out. But I've decided that is all going to change. I've got to be the {perfect} coach's wife. I need to do more. So I am glad for this weekend. This weekend with my parents to get a few more projects done around the house while my husband is gone for the weekend coaching. He does so much. He completely supports me in my college classes, my blogging, my crafting, my projects, my ideas, my everything. God has blessed me with the perfect fit for me in a husband. 

On the other hand, I am sad I am missing "this" right now....

Good luck Lady Bears!

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