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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1.... Pretty Blog Writing
I figured out this week how to put pretty fonts on my least for the title, date, and headers on the side. :)
2....My parents are awesome.
They came to visit and help with many projects around the house this weekend while my husband was away coaching volleyball. I love having my parents here. They are hard working, loving and they truly care about Justin and I. I love them!
3....Update in the Kitchen
 After this weekend.....
The now green!

The Color Of Choice


There are more plans for this kitchen. A different kind of backsplash (which is why it isn't green), painting the opposite wall of all of this a neutral color to accent it, painting the yellow appliances and making something to hide the laundry area. :) BIG plans!

4....A Window Seat
My dad built me a window seat. I pretty much love it. It still has some more work to be done. I have to put another coat of white on it and upholster the plywood to make a cushioned seat. But I am so excited about getting it all done so that there is somewhere comfortable in the house beside the wood burning stove for this winter. A good book, hot tea and a blanket. That's the plan!
I apologize for the horrible picture. The lighting in the house + the lighting from the window + a point and shoot camera = not the best results.

    5....Exercising is tiring.
Well....yeah! It's physical exercise, I guess it would be tiring. My friend Stephanie and I have started working out on a M-F basis. Cardio and yoga/pilates. We are on week 2 and I think we are both feeling the burn. It is a lot of fun to have someone to work out with. We get to talk a lot and just enjoy each other's company. Girl time is so important. So I am pretty pumped that we are working out and getting back into shape. 



  1. Love the green! Also love my Dad...he's a wellspring of wisdom...and a great fixer upper too! Lastly, I need to exercise...wish my body would cooperate! =)

  2. a pretty coat of paint always does wonders! I need to find the pretty blogger font too!

  3. I love the green too! :) It really brightened up the kitchen. Haha...I think that is my problem with exercise as well. Just need to motivate my body to go along with what my mind is planning for it. ;)

    I agree! Paint does wonders. It cleans up walls amazingly. I googled for the blogger font and found this:
    It is really easy even though at first glance it looks overwhelming. :)


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