Pick Yourself Up

I know
that I am not the only individual who sometimes feels like life has handed me wilted flowers.
Sometimes life gets the best of us. It brings us down. We mope. We sulk. We throw our own little pity party for ourself. 
Been there. Done that. 
We forget about the joys in our lives. The people who love us. The things that inspire us. The times that we were so completely blissfully happy that the smile on our face seemed to be neverending. 
It ended.
Life cannot have its' good times without its' bad. It just works that way. If life was always easy, then what would we really gain from it?
We have to have the bad times to appreciate the good. It makes those times when you are happy seem even that much sweeter. 
I struggle. A lot. 
Being a stay-at-home wife also has its' goods and bads. 
I love being able to stay home, work on the house, study for my classes, watch TV, clip coupons, blog to my little heart's desire, find amazing deals online, having a flexible schedule so I can go watch my husband coach at all of his volleyball games, work on my crafts and projects and so much more. However, if I do not pick myself up, get around for the day, get outside and see other people other than my husband, I start to sulk. I begin to mope. I throw a little pity party for myself. 
I never considered myself an individual that needed a lot of friends. I still believe I don't need a lot of friends. However, I do need quality time with the special friends that I do have. I need someone else to talk to that isn't family. I need time to laugh with a girlfriend. I need to be able to relax and fellowship with my friends in Christ. 
Don't we all?
Don't we all need fellowship?
Sometimes it is hard to pick yourself up. It is hard to find the beauty behind the wilted flower. But it is there. Shining through dimly. 
We just have to learn how to pluck through those dying petals of happiness, joy and laughter to find the beauty that lays within. 
Embrace your good times. Embrace your down times. 
We need both to appreciate what we have in life. To appreciate the fellowship we have with our family and our friends. To strive for the happiness in life. 
We will be handed perfect flowers too. 
God doesn't give us more than we can handle in life.
So pick yourself up, embrace what you are given and thank Him for the flowers.


  1. I needed this today, friend. Thank you for writing today. You need to write like that more often. :) I love you and miss you dearly.

  2. You are most welcome. I agree. I think I need to write my thoughts down more often. :) I love you and miss you so much too!


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