The Room that Has Ate My Time

I think it is safe to say that this room needed a makeover.....well the whole house needs a makeover, but we decided to start in the living room. 

Wallpaper is an evil thing. The living room and three bedrooms have both wallpaper on the walls and wallpaper on the ceiling! We are scraping wallpaper in the bedrooms and texturing over the plaster....but in the living room we sheet rocked! Thanks to my in-laws, we were able to have a crew put up quarter inch sheetrock over all of the walls and the ceiling. We then had it textured, which I absolutely love. Then we had to paint, which is what I have been doing for the last four days of my life. The husband put two coats of ceiling white on the ceiling and I primed all of the walls. We picked out a chocolate brown and an off-white to match.


I texted my husband while I was painting the brown to say, "If I wasn't married to you, I would probably marry this wall. I love, love, love the brown!"

I really don't think I we could have picked out a better color for this wall. It is totally perfect. 

We also put up new light fixtures. Whoo hoo! We are looking for new window treatments because the old ones paid a visit to the dumpster. Thank. Goodness. 

I will reveal our new room soon. (Once the battery on my camera is charged) 

You. Will. Drop. Dead. 

It looks like a completely new room! I LOVE it.

Visit back and see the results and be ready for the new ideas I have for this amazing room. :)

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  1. I'm shocked...wall paper on the ceiling? That doesn't sound fun at all...I can't wait to see the reveal!


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