Super Simple Garlic Bread

My mom made this stuff when I was growing up and it's probably the most simple garlic bread you will ever make...unless you buy the stuff that is in the freezer section. :)

All you need is bread, butter and garlic salt. 

I could eat this stuff daily hourly.

The Easy Steps....

1) Set your oven to broil.

2) Butter bread and place on baking sheet.

3) Sprinkle Garlic Salt onto buttered bread.

4) Put the bread in the oven until it browns around the edges. 

5) Take it out and enjoy!

It does not take very long in the oven, so don't overcook it. I've had several batches of burnt garlic bread in my past. 
I also save all the ends of the bread in the fridge so when I make this bread I can use them. Or if hamburger and hot dog buns are old prior being moldy (ick!), I use those. 

I. Love. This. Stuff.

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