Wanted: Giveaways, Blog Design and Followers

First off....
I have been wanting a custom blog design for awhile now but have yet to stumble across someone that I think is affordably priced with amazing work. If you have suggestion, please let me know! :) I'm ready for a custom, gorgeous look for my blog. 

Second and at the very top of my list!....
I would absolutely love to host some giveaways on The Blissfully Blessed Wife. 
If you would like to have a giveaway on my blog, please contact me:
I'd also love to do reviews for you.

Followers for The Blissfully Blessed Wife

Those are just a few things at the top of my priority list for The Blissfully Blessed Wife. Looking forward to hearing from anyone and everyone....the more followers and views my blog can get the more rewards you will reap as a reader. :) 


  1. I know a blog designer for a great price and that does wonderful work... Franchesca from Small Bird Studio! :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer and Helen for the contacts! :)


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