Catch Up

I've been a horrible blogger for the last week. The truth is...I just cannot find what to write.

We have lots of projects going on in our house which I will be able to blog about after this weekend. :) We will have more paint on the wall, my kitchen backsplash may be finished, and we will have the guest room textured and ready to paint. My husband finished painting the appliances last night. Whoo hoo! No more Harvest Gold in this kitchen. They are all white and look so much more beautiful.

I've also been trying to get ahead in my homework, but instead I am just getting it handed in on time. I need to work a little harder on that. I am behind on chores in the house and will be trying to get ahead on that as well.

Hopefully I will find my inspriation again. :) It is there. Somewhere.

How To's and Projects will be blogged about soon. Thanks for your patience!

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