Finding My Fuel

I absolutely love Kelle Hampton's blog, Enjoying the Small Things. I love when there is a new post up with her motivating words and her amazing photographs. My husband and I love to look at pictures of her little girls and most days I wonder how she does everything that she goes after. She has amazing strength, passion and motivation. Her blog gives me motivation as well. I realize that her life isn't perfect, just like everyone else's is not perfect too. But through her blog, I can see the perfection in the imperfections and realize life is suppose to be messy and fun.

I was having a really down day today. I have tons of homework due by next Monday and Tuesday and I have no idea how I am going to get it all done and handed in on time. My house is a complete disaster and my parents are coming tomorrow. All three bedrooms look like tornados hit them. Our bedroom has clean laundry piled up on the bed that has yet to be folded and put away. The middle bedroom has craft supplies, home decor, and stuff from the guest room thrown in it to the point that it is literally unliveable. You can barely walk through it and if you attempt, make sure your hands are free so you can grab onto things when you jump from spot to spot. Our guest room is torn apart. That is the room we scraped all the wallpaper off the walls and ceiling, the room where my dad mudded it forever because the plaster is in awful shape, and the room where my dad will texture the room this weekend so that we can paint, put it back together, and at least have one normal bedroom. Our house is a disaster. So all of this has been weighing on my mind..wondering how I am going to accomplish it all, when I came across a recent post Kelle wrote.

I do have a lot of days that are fillers. I need to learn how to find my fuel. Find my fuel in every single day so I won't say I just "got through" my day, but instead that I enjoyed it. I want to love my days because of fueling moments. So instead of living through days that I believe are just filler, I am going to make them my fuel. I am going to make those fueling moments. I am ready to find my fuel every day and let it drive me. And if I have to make my fuel, then I will make it. I want my gas tank full.

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