Kitchen Re-do In Progress



These aren't the best pictures, but I do the best I can with a point and shoot in a kitchen that has weird lighting. 
So, isn't the change drastic with paint?!
We painted most of the kitchen green. The off wall is a taupe. Then I used Chalkboard paint for our backsplash. I cannot wait to get chalkboard markers in so I can draw on it. I plan on putting scriptures up as well as some pictures, probably some pumpkins and leaves to celebrate fall. :)
Our appliances changed from harvest gold to white. My husband put up new outlet and switch covers in a clean white. We have new lights installed, which put out twice as much light as what we had before. The next project for the kitchen is to make a curtain on a very large, sturdy dowel rod to cover up the laundry area. Just a couple more things and the kitchen will be good. It is so much better than it was before though! It no longer looks as dated, except the lovely carpet of course!


  1. I noticed the carpet, but honestly, you did an awesome job and it looks amazing! I'm sure it's a great feeling and you're please after all the hard work! =)

  2. Great job, it turned out so wonderful. I love the wall color.

  3. What a difference! It looks great, nice job!


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