Sometimes I get so caught up on what needs to be done, what isn't getting done, what I want to get done....
Notice the pattern?
Getting things done. 
Yes, it is nice to finish up projects and have things that are completed and finished. But I tend to miss the most important things when I focus on getting things done. 
My thoughts, my feelings, my faith, my love, my passions, my family, my friends, my husband, my husband's passions, my husband's love, my husband's thoughts and feelings, our life. 

Our house is always torn apart these days with new projects. I get so bogged down in the mess around us that I forget to stop and focus on what matters. 

But, today...rocking outside on our front porch wrapped in a blanket my mema made...I stopped. I reflected.
And sometimes we all need moments for this. We need moment like this.

Take time out of your day and focus on what God has blessed with you, what you have gotten out of life. It puts everything back into perspective and makes life a little more enjoyable.

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  1. The guest speaker at our church last night spoke exactly that thought...perspective...our view of things. He said that at times our view is things that happen, etc. It was an awesome word. He shared from Ps. 34 - that we need to magnify God in every situation that we're facing.

    I'm glad you had some time to reflect. I love those times...because God is faithful. I've not once left without Him dropping a little thought, word or verse into my heart.

    God bless you in your busyness and also in the times of rest!


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