"Rollin' With It"

I am rolling with this thing called life. :) My house is disasterous as it was torn to pieces this weekend. My parents came and we were able to complete more house projects! The front bedroom is now textured and ready to prime and paint. We are so excited to get that finished, but so far our week has been completely busy with work, homework, volleyball, and randomness. So our living room has a bed in it and several other random pieces of furniture. Our kitchen is also a mess. My mom and I painted the other wall a taupe color, I worked on our new kitchen backsplash, my dad and husband put in new light fixtures, and my husband learned how to change out all of the light switches and outlets. So we now have pretty, clean white outlets and light switches in our kitchen and living room. Our house is slowly becoming a cozy, little home for us. We love the changes and can't wait to keep improving. The last project in the kitchen is to sew curtains to cover up the laundry area. I think that will make a major change in the room. No one likes to see your dirty laundry mess. The laundry area always seems to be a "catch all", so by hiding it, it will make the kitchen seem so much cleaner and even happier. Or, at least, I will be happier.

What home projects have you done lately?

*Pictures will be posted as soon as the disaster is picked up.*

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  1. I haven't done a single home project...I did iron for over 3 hours the past two days. =) Maybe that counts for something. =)

    I would love to put up new wallpaper in my daughter's room...maybe after Christmas. I found some at the thrift store, it's just feeling well enough to tackle the task alone that keeps me from getting busy.

    Can't wait to see pictures!


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